Thursday, January 19, 2012

C'mon inside and warm up

You need this in your life. This, and fleece-lined mittens. 
Oh Hi.

Since I suck royally this week and have severely impaired my ability to type, cook or do dishes, I will leave you with a short post telling you where you should go in and warm up this weekend (that's right. telling you. do it. do it now. .. if you want).

See the below photo for evidence of my skillz.

Finger looks like beef carpacio. Thank goodness for friends and cute bandaids.

Basically, January is the armpit of the year (excluding the 8th and tomorrow, which is Smitty's birthday. oh heeyyy.) so you need to make it a little bit more cheery by adding friends, food and red wine.

I highly recommend the following places for you to warm your toes and your soul:

  • Chung King Garden - Soup dumplings. Peking duck. Wonton soup. Go! 
  • Buk Chang Dong Soon Tofu - hot, steaming, wonderful korean food. and cheap too! 
  • Fabbrica - reasonably priced, fabulous italian food. 
  • L.A.B. - if you have a hot date and want to be really impressed. Veal ravioli people. 
  • The works - if you happen to be in Oakville and can beat the lines. Best burgers in town. Yeah. I'm sayin' it (and I've been saying it for years after living in Ottawa. this chain is going to blow up. so go before it's "cool". you're welcome).  You know you want that tower of onion rings up there. and KD on your burger. You wannnttt it.

and this. you want this. (burger is called "sum young guy. fantastique. and not just because of the silly name)

Ok. I know this is short but my finger hates me. 

Next week: the thriving, warm-weather metropolis of Detroit, MI. Any recommendations on what I should do? 

Love always, 

BBC (aka fingers. I want the nickname to stick).


  1. O.K. Fingers! Slow down that whirlwind in the kitchen just a bit! We want more cooking and more recipes! If I were in Toronto, I would definitely go for those onion rings - they look yummy!

  2. Warming up sounds great! Hope your finger is getting better. Looking forward to more great blogs! Thanks BBC.