Monday, June 13, 2011

Black Bean, Quinoa and Citrus Salad - From Eat Live Run!

So many colours of delicious!

I am going to try and get this post out before my little eyes close so here we go:

I miss you guys (yes, even you!). I wish I had more time to blog this month (rather than more time in a York classroom learning about derivatives and other fun accounting things), but that's not what is in store for me.

One more fun post coming at you tomorrow though, which actually makes this week a good blog week (compared to last.. sorry).

cutest little heirloom tomatoes at Fortinos. Love. Almost didn't want to hack this one to bits (but I did anyway)

Enough about my life/blog-tastophe and more about quinoa salad!

This one piqued my interest from a whole bunch of angles:

1. It's summer, and summer is time for salad
2. I read Eat Live Run religiously and drooled over this a little while ago
3. It's perfect for class, and doesn't need a microwave!
4. A little birdie asked me about quinoa and I wanted to share.

On sale!

In case you didn't know what Quinoa is, I will summarize:

Quinoa is a seed (not a grain) that is close in relation to spinach and swiss chard. It is a complete natural protein (which means that it does not require a complementing bean or legume to form all nine filling amino acids. It's a superfood! But more to the point: it's delicious and nutty and a really neat substitute for rice in your life.

Forgive the bad flash, it's 11pm and I needed some serious light so you could see the seeds. Super fluffy!

I'm not going to reproduce the recipe from Eat Live Run because it's pretty great all on it's own, but I did take a whole bunch of photos of my salad for your viewing enjoyment.

Dressing massacre!

Veggies without quinoa. So many colours!

Also: I replaced the avocados with tomatoes (because my avocados were too hard.. sad.). But I highly suggest going with the avocados, they're pretty perfect.

Jenna is absolutely on the money with this recipe, it's perfect for summer and has a great balance of flavours. Impress your friends and/or your tastebuds and try this one out soon!

Say Cheesecake (just for you Carmen).



The best. See my lunch beside there? I'm already excited for it.

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